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Make your company stand out on the topic page of your choice. Have your name and services displayed on the Banner Ad at the top of the page. Book your spot on the site’s homepage so that every viewer who comes to the site sees your company’s ad.

Rent a Side Ad on a topic page or the home page

A Side ad is the advertising box that appears on the right hand side of every page. When customers are looking for a service provider on that topic, your ad will be prominently displayed.

Home Page Rates:  6 months: $250.00    12 months: $400

Topic Page Rates:  6 months: $150.00      12 months: $250.00

A six month rental of a Side Ad on one of the topic pages is $150.00. That’s $25.00 per month to have your company’s ad shown on the topic page of your choice. Provide different types of services that appear on different topic pages? Rent more than one Side Ad on a topic page and receive a $20% discount off additional Side Ads on other topic pages.

Rent a Banner Ad

Banner Ads are the ads that appear on the top of every page. The Banner Ads cycle through five ads. Every time a visitor moves to a new page, the banner advances to the next ad. So your Banner Ad appears on every fifth page that every viewer goes to.

6 Months: $450.00      12 Months: $750.00

Ad space is limited. All prices are exclusive of the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Advertising cycles start with start of the month.